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Teams may play in multiple Hardhitters leagues. But, players cannot play on multiple teams in the same league, same day/night! PENALTY: Should you play on another team in the same league, regardless of whether you are on the roster or not, you are disqualified from further play that day/night.

Nothing hurts a good tournament faster than everyone waiting until the last minute to register. Registration is checked two weeks prior to start date, entry fee must be paid least two weeks prior to tournament. If there are not enough teams signed up, the event is cancelled. Signing up too late will not likely save it, so PLEASE register by deadline and pay your fee.

In The Event A Team Voluntarily Withdraws From A Tournament After The Bracket Has Been Drawn, The Tournament Director Is Not Obligated To Refund Any Portion Of The Entry Fee.

1. If the tournament is cancelled, because of weather, before the start of play, a maximum of $20 per team will be withheld from the team’s entry fee to cover expenses. 2. In the case of cancellation after the start of the first game of the tournament, a maximum of $15 per team plus all reasonable non-refundable expenses, to include team travel, will be withheld. 3. If the tournament is 60 percent finished, then the tournament director will make every possible effort to reschedule the tournament and is not obligated to refund any portion of the entry fee.